Aboout Us

Our Mission

The title of our book says it all "Stop The Noise" we hope to help tinnitus sufferers eliminate or reduce the ringing in the ear, to help manage the noise, to reduce stress it may cause and much more. Tinnitus can effect many part of our lives from relationships to work, family and friends. Do not ever give up or let the noise control your life! We would also love to hear from you, your personal story, your struggles and successes in dealing with tinnitus.

Author Story

Having been on the brink of depression and barely able to cope with what I believed would be never-ending problem in my life i am so glad to not only share my experience with you but also the treatment which finally freed me from this noise. Regardless wether this treatment helps you as much as it has helped me, In our book we have put together what I believe to be the most comprehensive toolbox for anyone suffering from tinnitus. I am very pleased to say that due to the success of our book we are currently translating it into more languages so we can reach and help a larger audiance worldwide.